Dog Sitter Louisville, KY


Dog Sitting – Learn More

Potty Break (10-15 minutes)- $16     *Strictly potty business, no meds, no meals.

Basic Break (20-25 minutes)- $20     *Routine potty break and playtime

Standard Visit (30 minutes)- $25     *Mealtime, medications administered, potty time, playtime, walk and cleanup

Luxury Visit (Hourly Rate)- $32     *Extended standard visit with lots of quality time

Puppy Care (20-25 minutes) – $20     *Playtime and feeding! Available to pups under 1 year of age.

>Standard Regimen for Vacation Services: Standard visit at normal feeding time(s) and Potty Breaks, accordingly. 

*Typical Service Regimen:  2 Standard visits & 1 Potty Break OR 1 Standard visit & 2 Potty Breaks

Normally, 3 visits per day (minimum/every 24) for our puppy dog friends! Please call us to customize.

Cat SittingLearn More

Cats Only (30 minutes) – $23

Kitten Care (20-25 minutes) – $20     *Playtime and feeding! Available to kitties under 1 year of age.

>Standard Regimen for Vacation Services: Varies depending on feeding schedule and medical needs.

We advise daily visits, but we do observe every other day services. 

Luxury Overnight ServicesLearn More

*Considered as 2 Visits, per our Minimum Visit Policy

Service Time (9pm – 8am) – $75

Service Time (8pm – 8am) – $85

Service Time (7pm – 8am) – $95

Service Time (6pm – 8am) – $105

Dog WalkingLearn More

Standard Walk (30 Min)- $25

Winter Walk (15-20 Min) – $21

*Winter Walks Only available from January 1st – March 31st and can not be combined with any other discount.

Critter Sitting

Includes Amphibians & ArachnidsBirds, Ferrets, Fish, Rodents & Tiny Critters

  • Standard Visit (30-45 Min) – $25
  • Luxury Visit (1hr+) – $32

Get a $15 credit when you Refer a Friend!

Referring client receives credit, after referred signs our contract, schedules visits.
Referred client also receives $15 OFF their first purchase of 5 visits or more. It’s a Win-Win!


15% OFF All Services for Clients who are:

  • Part of a Pet Rescue or Non-Profit
  • Pet Foster Parents
  • Clients experiencing a hospital stay or medical leave assistance

5% OFF Any Service Period for current LIBA Members!

*Discounts can not be combined or used with Gift Certificates.

Last Minute Service Requests

*There is a flat fee of $25, for any last minute requests. Those apply to services requested the day of or within 24 hours, of needed service time. This is to ensure quality control and gratitude to our devoted sitters. Thanks for your understanding and your business.