Rates provided include sales tax & associated processing fees. 

Potty Break

Length of Visit: 10 minutes

Price: $20

What’s Included: Strictly potty business, no meds, no meals. This is an additional service, if needed, to our overnight services.

Pets: Dogs


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Cats & Critters

Length of Visit: 30 minutes

Price: $30

What’s Included: Mealtime, Rx Administered, playtime, and clean-up! 

Pets: All Pets, except Dog Kids


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Vacation Service Options: 

We will no longer be providing the dog sitting services for vacation clients.
We will still provide overnight services with mid day breaks.

We highly recommend reaching out to Fur & Feathers, Paws Pet Care, LouPetville for your dog sitting and dog walking needs.  Thanks for your understanding as we grow through these changes. -DCCS Team


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Overnight Service Options:

10 hours (9pm – 7am) … $95

13 hours (6pm – 7am) … $125

What’s Included: Mealtime, medications administered, potty time, playtime, walk and cleanup
*Sitter stays throughout the duration of the service time.

Pets: All Pets


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LUXURY Hotel Services

Length of Visit: Hour Service booking that can be setup for consecutive hours, if requested.

Price: $40

What’s Included: Playtime and feeding!

Pets: All Pets in one room.


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Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!