Our premier pet sitting service covers the whole critter family!

We value our quality of work, not time spent. Our Standard visit is a 30 minute service & includes the whole fur family. Please know this visit is set up this way, for your peace of mind. Quality care is what we provide! We do not charge per the animal. Only per the visit.

Ready for your vacation?! 
We will be there to fill in for you. 


What’s Included:

  • Initial Potty Break (Dog Friends)
  • Mealtime (As directed by pet parent)
  • Refresh Water Bowl(s)
  • Treats (If provided by pet parent)
  • More Potty Break(s) for our dog friends
  • Playtime – complete with Tons of TLC!
  • Pictures/Notes Emailed
  • Rx Administration
  • Gather Mail
  • Take trash out
  • Water Plants
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Rotate Blinds, etc…


We will no longer be providing the dog sitting services for vacation clients. We will still provide overnight services with mid day breaks, but we will not be able to accomodate the 3 visits/day sitting services below.
We hope that this change is temporary and we highly recommend reaching out to Paws Pet Care & LouPetville for your dog sitting needs. If you would like more referrals, please contact the office line. Thanks for your understanding as we grow through these changes.
-DCCS Team

First time using a professional sitter while away on vacation? Have dogs?

We require a minimum of 3 visits daily, for our fur families with dog(s). You can choose from our Standard Pet Sitting Service or a Potty Break. We schedule a Standard visit for feeding & medication times. Here are our 3 options:

1 Standard Visit  & 2 Potty Breaks
This is the regimen we recommend for most dog parents. 

2 Standard Visits & 1 Potty Break  
If your dog eats twice daily we do this routine. 

3 Standard Visits
Your baby is extra and we are happy to help with all that separation anxiety.

Overnight service sound like a better option? Click here.

If you have a critter family with no dogs, please call us to customize. 502-337-8400

Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!