lounging (2D)Hot Diggity Dog! We LOVE our Puppy Dogs!!

They are normally very social creatures that thrive on human attention and interaction, and we love to give them our time!

NOTE: If your dog is aggressive or has any behavioral issue(s), our sitter(s) need to be made aware, on the initial “Meet & Greet” visit, and notes clearly made in PetSitClick Profile*

We provide a range of premier services, for your furry friends!

  • Potty Breaks – Quick break, complete with treats and lots of TLC!main dog (2D)
  • Walking Services – We provide 30/45 Minute walks, and now we offer Winter Walks!
  • Puppy Playtime – play, potty, walk, and feeding, at a great puppy rate! *Puppy rate applies until 1 year of age.
  • Sensible Senior Discounts – Applicable to all fur babies 10 years or older!
  • Overnight Services – Includes Evening & Morning Meals, Potty Breaks, Walks, and all the extra Tender Loving Care!
  • In-YOUR-Home GROOMING – A quick primp for your pup, potty break, and clean-up, with the convenience of never leaving home! Complete with a Nose-to-Tail Exam!

*Standard Care we provide, during our visit, depends on the service you choose. Please see click on our Sitter Services Below!

~If on Vacation or Away for extended time:  

MINIMUM VISITS: 3 Visits Daily
(Overnight Service is considered as 2 visits)

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Devoted Care When You’re Not There!
Pets stay home… We come to them!