Dog Walking is a normal pet parent request. In our Basic Break Service it’s a given.

The Basic Break service is 20-25 minutes and is exclusively for our daily/weekly services.
Our normal walk time varies (5-20 Minutes) depending on the weather/dog behavior/puppy cooperation/etc…
Basically, a potty break with some added quality time (playtime/ train time/ cuddle time) and a walk!

Each dog is different and requires different activities, daily. With that in mind, we have merged our walk visit with our original basic break, to create a special service, exclusively for our daily clients & fur friends!
Therefore, if you would like a longer walk time, please simply request our Standard Service.


Care we provide:

  • Potty Break 
  • 5-20 Minute walk.
  • Walk time depends on many factors. We let our sitters make the call and adapt to the dog’s need each day. 
  • Some Quality Time, but it looks different for different pooches!
  • Quality time = Sun Bathe time or Cuddle time or Play time or Train time for our Puppy friends!
  • Treats Given (provided by pet parent)
  • Picture/Notes emailed

Other Services included:

  • Rx Administration & Feeding (*If requested, please note: this will cut into walk time.)
  • Gather mail

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