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Dog Parent training is how Vivian does Dog Training. She trains the humans more than the dogs!

All dog Parents are great, but Vivian has found that most dogs don’t need training, their humans do!

Most issues can be addressed and fixed with some better understanding of how dogs communicate. Vivian teaches her dog parents how to communicate better. She shows them how to make some subtle changes to daily routines, commands and house arrangements that help resolve most issues, the same day!

Vivian is now providing these in-home assessments! She has also set up this exclusive service to pet parents everywhere, through her zoom session appointments! *Please see our calendar below to schedule a session, today!

Her In-Home Assessment Service is for all pet parents.
The Adoption Retention & Assessment is for New Pet Parents & Dog Foster Parents.
She addresses many behavioral issues, i.e. pets not getting along, unknown triggers that can’t be figured out, boundary issues and much more during these services. Vivian always provides Pet Parent Training during these sessions.

She mainly helps with dog parents, but she is a cat whisperer too! She has a cat assessment to help feline parents. She helps them get a grasp on the ‘why’ for the not-so-nice behaviors, sudden change in behavior, marking habits and gives them other tips & tricks, too!

Adopted recently? Experiencing some issues? Don’t pull your hair out. You got this, but Vivian can help!
Please select our Adoption Retention & Assessment service.
*If you have been referred to us through JBO or another rescue, please communicate with us, prior to scheduling. We maybe able to provide a discounted service. Thanks again for Adopting and not Shopping! You are the real MVP!


Proficient Pet Parent looking for strictly dog training? Check out this great person below!

Rosie Dane Dog Training

Phone: 502.609.3401