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Cats |
Dog Sitter Louisville, KY

tabby cat (2C)We love our furry felines!

Caring for kitty cats is always a pleasure. Each cat has a unique personality, a different way of interacting, and we pride ourselves in caring for your kittens!

Snuggling, playing, feeding, brushing and purring with them, is what we do best!

Aggresive Cat (2C)NOTE: If your cat is of the non-social or aggressive sort, we take care of our customary services, with little or no interaction. We do NOT want to stress them even more, but we always make sure they are alive and well!

Standard Care we provide:

  • Refill/Refresh water supply
  • Feed/Refresh food bowl(s)
  • Litter Scoop and Disposal
  • Change Litter (if needed or requested by pet parent)
  • Clean up any messes
  • Interact with them: snuggle, brush, play, talk, or any other specified request(s)
  • Picture/Notes emailed

Other services included:

  • Rx Administration
  • Gather Mail
  • Take trash out 
  • Water Plants
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Rotate Blinds, etc…


Care for these felines takes an average of 45 minutes, prices start at $23 for CATS & $20 for KITTENS!

If you have more than just kitty cats, please click here to see DCCS Service Prices.

~If on Vacation or Away for extended time:

MINIMUM VISITS: Once Every Other Day (Kittens: Once Daily)black & white (2C)







 curious cat (2C)