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Amphibians & Arachnids |
Dog Sitter Louisville, KY

main frog (2A)

If you need to go on vacation, be gone for an extended time, personal or business, you can trust our sitters, to come check on your little critters!

These critters usually don’t require much attention, but a good amount of maintenance. Our sitters will be there to ensure they are healthy, living comfortably and all enclosure mechanisms are working properly!


Care for these critters are included with our Standard Service!

Care we provide:

  • Refill their water supply
  • Feed them (as directed by the pet parent)
  • Check their heat lamp(s)
  • Any other special care requests OR Care Regimen(s), per Client’s request
  • Picture/Notes emailed

Other services included upon request:

  • Rx Administration
  • Gather Mail
  • Take trash out
  • Water Plants
  • Turn Lights on/off
  • Rotate Blinds, etc… 

~If on Vacation or Away for extended time:


-MINIMUM VISITS: Once Every Other Daytarantula (2A)

 black scorpion (2A)

 brown spider (2A)


brown scorpion (2A) 






small frog (2A)