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About Us |
Dog Sitter Louisville, KY

main pic 2 (1A and 3A Icon)How we came to be…

Owner, Vivian Borders, grew up with German Shepherds, Pit Bulls and many mutts! At the age of 10 she wrote and drew up the plans, for a multi-purpose pet facility. A vet- assisted enterprise with the works; boarding/adoption center/pet sanctuary, where people could work and others could volunteer their time. A place where children could come on field trips, to volunteer and learn the importance of caring for dogs, cats and all kinds of critters!

However, growing up doesn’t always allow for dreams to come to total fruition. She started work at age 14, as a lifeguard, and ended that profession as Head Lifeguard, at age 19.  In those five years, she taught many individuals how to swim or improve their abilities, from babies, to kids of all ages- in the summers, to triathletes, and even fully clothed privates headed, for Ranger Training. Graduating high school, with the Commonwealth Diploma, she attended a local community college. After many life obstacles, acquiring much schooling & trying different jobs/career paths (i.e. Certified Dental Assistant, Life Insurance Sales Agent, Service Receptionist at Lexus of Louisville & other Swope Auto Affiliates, 1 year of Radiography studies, and finally graduating with an Associates in Arts in 2011) she started in the pet sitting industry in 2012.

Her professional career, in pet care, began with working as an Independent Contractor, for another local pet sitting enterprise. She also worked part-time as a grooming assistant, for a local groomer. She still continues to offer her time and services, with them.  Going back to her roots… she finally found her niche. She had spent her entire life advocating for pit bulls and helping friends/family with their pets, but now she could make it into a much-needed, pet care service, for all pet parents!

Vivian always loved dogs & cats, but found that there were not too many pet sitting providers caring for exotic pets. She wanted to change that. So she made pet care services available to All Pet Parents! All creatures are important and deserve TLC like the rest. With that in mind, she only hires on trusted individuals that currently work, in the pet care fields (i.e. rescues, vet assistants & technicians, pet sitting professionals, etc…) No more worrying if your friend’s friend will come take appropriate care of your pet(s), while you’re away. Our sitters are top of the line, animal aficionados! 

When you’re away, from home, you should have peace of mind that your pet(s) are being well cared for, in the safety and comfort of their own home. They are family after all, and they deserve to be treated with the same loyalty and devotion you show them everyday!

That is why, Vivian and her sitters make it their Mission to provide attentive, quality, in-home, professional, pet care, for your critter family. Whether your critters are furry, feathery, or scaly and you request daily, specialty or vacation services, you can trust us to provide devoted care, when you’re not there!