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Meet & Greet

small (4B)It’s FREE to NEW and Prospective Clients!

We want to be a good match for you and your pets. We love your business, but if we are not the right fit, we will gladly give referrals. Your pet’s well being and appropriate care regimen is of the utmost importance to us.

Items to have ready for your Meet & Greet visit:

1) Have a Pen ready; to sign our Client Contract.
*Complete with Vet Release and Key Handling Agreement.

2) Vaccination & Vet Information, for our Vet Release.

3) 2 Keys, per our Key Handling Agreement.
*WE ask for 2 copies, so that one may be stored in our safe, for emergency purposes.

4) Garage/ Gate/ Alarm Codes /Emergency Contact(s) Information/ Etc…

playful kitty (4B)5) Payment. We like to make it easy. We use a secure software, Stripe.
*We no longer accept checks and we only accept cash as gratuity, not for services rendered. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

6) Be ready to answer a few questions about general & pet related items, as we make sure all information is complete and saved in our pet sitter software.
*You can access this login, at any time, to make changes and/or schedule additional services.
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Minimum Visits

cat & bird (4C)*This policy is only applicable to the standard regimen of care, for vacation services.

Each critter has a different regimen, and requires a varying amount of care. With that in mind, we created a standard “minimum” amount of visits, so we may properly tend to our client’s critters. 

On the bottom, of each Critter Care page, you may find the standard “minimum visits”, but for quick reference, they are as follows:


BIRDS: Once Every Other Day

CATS: Once Every Other Day

DOGS: 3 Visits Daily (Scheduled Overnights are considered as 2 visits)

lizard & gerbil (4C)Puppy Care: 3 Visits Daily

Senior BIRDS: Once Daily

Senior CATS: Once Daily

Senior DOGS: 3 Visits Daily

Fish: Once Every Other Day

Ferrets: Once Daily

Reptiles: Once Daily (Some Require Twice Daily, Others Require Less)

Rodents & Tiny Critters: Every Other Day


New / Prospective Clients


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Complete your contact information, along with all of your pet’s information.

We will give you a call within the next 24-48 hours,
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When you click the button above, you will be directed to Pet Sit Click!
~This online profile allows us to better serve our clients.
~Keep all your pet info up-to-date, and schedule services from the comfort of your own desktop or portable smart device!
~Customers have instant access to paperless invoicing/billing.
~Have peace of mind, with its GPS check-in/check-out device, which our sitters use when they complete requested visits.
~If you experience any trouble logging in or have questions, please call 502.337.8400.

RX / Medications



Our sitters are Animal CPR & Pet First Aid Certified, Insured & Bonded and Devoted to providing any and all your pet critters, with the care they need & deserve!

Rx Bottle (3G)
Just because your critter has special needs or specific medication instructions, doesn’t mean it should cost more. Medicine is expensive enough!


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Derby Discounts


15% OFF All Services for Clients who are:

  • Part of a Pet Rescue or Non-Profit
  • Pet Foster Parents
  • Clients experiencing a hospital stay or medical leave

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Holiday Surcharges

There is a $10 Surcharge for Every service booked on these National & Local Holidays.

Click here for a list of all Holidays that Derby City Critter Sitters Observes.